Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Tiara J is back with da troops!

Happy new year!!!!!

I had a short but really enjoyable break over Christmas and the new year, to make up for the past (and upcoming) absences due to PGLM rehearsals. All's cooool on the domestic front now, and now the Puteri is back, with a vengeance!

We're getting a few friends from the press come over to Ten On Ten Studio tomorrow so we can share with them the exciting changes we are incorporating in PGLM this season, but I'm dying to share at least half of that with everyone on my blog, so you'll get to read HALF of the press release statement - well, at least you'll get the original Tiara-style long-winded story version, because the press obviously won't be printing it out in whole (or the piece wold end up 2 pages long, not that we mind!). So here's HALF. Stay posted, hopefully by tomorrow i will have time to upload the second half with the juicy surprise!

"I’ve been asked during every interview about what audiences can expect from watching Puteri Gunung Ledang in its third season in Kuala Lumpur. It’s not been easy trying to balance wanting to keep things as a surprise, whilst at the same time feeling like I want to burst from excitement to be able to share with everyone why I think this season will definitely be a very good time to see “PGL the Musical”.
Ever since we started entertaining the idea of bringing the show back, I had several sessions of post-mortems and brainstorm sessions with Zahim, Adlin, Malek and Pat Ibrahim about how we could do the show better if we got to do it again. This was after we had done two seasons of P.Ramlee in KL and one very successful season in Singapore, and we knew that if we were to bring PGLM back, we were up against ourselves, we had to surpass our previous best, or there would be no sense in doing the show again.
We agreed to all meet again after taking a break, when “P.Ramlee” ended in June last year. Malek and Zahim went to London and watched a few of the latest new shows at the West End. I watched a few shows in Melbourne and Tasmania. From thousands of miles away, we were emailing and sms-ing each other, full of excitement from the shows we had watched, and dying to share the brilliant ideas that inspired us for the new season of PGLM. It was really enriching for us to see what the new shows were doing and how that could help us achieve a “more magical, more spectacular, more breathtaking” show in February.
We are working on subtle, nurturing changes, spruced-up production values and various other nips and tucks in the script, the choreography and staging, and deeper, more emotionally charged performances all-round."

.......and the rest will follow hopefully tomorrow!

G'night all, and pleasant dreams, have a fabulous, fabulous year!


Azli Raja said...

All the best of luck to you and your team, mak, as Fadil used to call you... hehehehehe... I won't miss it for the world this time.

aaron said...


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Adilla Maaz said...

hye tiara..

i was excited to heard u will be back with PGLM this i wish to watch the PGLM this year..i dont want to missed it again..i also missed to watch sad..hopefully u will be doing it again..all the best to u and the team..

zarazaznan said...

may Allah bless u & fmily always babe..keepin' rockin untill u drop for this year..


IdzaRis said...

all the best to u....
keep it up!!!

shee said...

happy new year :D

Muid Latif said...

Kudos Tiara! PGL season 3 will definitely be a wonderful show with family members around. See you soon!

anaz_maz said...

salam tiara, since this is your last pgltm, pls have the vcd for sale. let us keep the memory together.

anaz_maz said...

salam tiara, since this is your last pgltm, pls have it in vcs for sale. we would love to keep it as memorables too. tq