Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Wind - by Dani

My son Dani never ceases to blow me away with his random writings. He's no avid reader by any calculation, so I don't know where the words come from. This is a piece of his homework I found on my laptop:

The Wind

The wind was a haunting ghost,

It comes and goes and comes again,

It races past you and you get a spine tingling shiver down your back.

It flaps its wings and sends a giant gush of air against you,

Suddenly there is an epic battle

between you and the violent wind,

A god gives out a powerful blow.

Gods start to fight,

Dead autumn leaves scatter,

And they collapse gently on the hard, dusty pavement.

It was a blowing fan,

Increasing speed at a deadly rate,

It gets faster, and faster, and faster…

Do you have to die before you are recognised?

The late Yasmin Ahmad made history for Malaysia as she was posthumously awarded Best Director at last night's Asia Pacific film festival in Taipei for the film Muallaf. Way to go, sistah, you showed 'em.

Sheila Majid said in a recent "10 Questions" interview with The Star, do we have to wait til we die, in order for our country to recognise us?

When you come to think of it.. Bila kita dah tak ada,sibuklah nak bagi title itu ini,tribute lah,documentary lah,award lah. Happened during P. Ramlee's time and sadly is still happening today.