Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Let out the artist in you!

Painting and photography are 2 hobbies my 2 kids and I enjoy, as our non-sporting, time-out activity together. I find it really therapeutic and painting and photography have taught me to really stop and smell the roses, not rush through and miss out on all the most beautiful things that are all around us.

The beauty is, EVERYONE is an artist. Every child has been taught to draw and express from when they were at playschool, but as adults we doubt or don't trust ourselves to draw and paint as we did in our childhood.

I read a book by @DannyGregory several years ago called The Creative License which just got me back into sketching and painting. You will get hooked if you just allow yourself to get started, and you might end up like me, I pack my sketchbooks and watercolors and brushes 1st thing whenever I pack to travel.

Art doesn't discriminate and there is no right or wrong with art, you make your own rules, that's the best thing about it. I hope some of you will make that first move soon, and we can share our art here on this page! :-)