Saturday, 17 January 2009

Putting the Majapahit spirit back into PGLM (a.k.a Majapahit Akan Kembali!)...

This season, we're delving in deeper in all aspects, including the dance sequences. I had the fortune to have been personally trained by Ibu Theresia Kurniati or more affectionately known as Mbak Kur to all of us in PGLM. Mbak Kur works at the Mangkunagaran Palace in Solo, Central Java, the palace where most of the research for PGL the Movie was done. She drilled the Javanese moves into me very patiently and painstakingly for several months, and after 5 years, I felt it had slowly slipped away and got diluted somehow. This season, we got her back to re-train EVERYONE from lead actors to ensemble.

The Puteri dance in the Kraton for Sultan of Melaka is completely different, so is the Puteri-Bayan Tinta Dewa number, and for that matter Pat Ibrahim almost completely changed everything in the show. I wanted to revisit the traditional Javanese moves and combine that with Pat's contemporary interpretation. Legs are SORE from holding them in "second position" the whole time, my back is stiff too, but it'll look good on the show so, no pain no gain!

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