Sunday, 18 January 2009

PGLM's "Buka Panggung" ceremony at Istana Budaya

(taken from Noelbynature's blog):

Buka Panggung, or the Opening of the Stage, is a small ritual held at the start of Malay traditional performing arts such as wayang kulit, mak yong and gamelan to call on God (or gods or spirits) to bless the instruments and the performance.


Although it is traditionally more ritualistic in nature, this practice is still observed by the Arts fraternity in Malaysia. We at Enfiniti observe this too, as part of our "bumping-in" schedule when we move into a theatre or artistic space, even before we begin our first day of rehearsals in our studio. It's usually when the whole team comes together in one heart and spirit, and asks the Almighty for His blessings upon this part of the journey.

We had an Ustad lead the prayer for us at Istana Budaya, on the very stage we will be performing upon. What was beautiful to observe was how everyone came together, people of different faiths - Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, all in the name of Art, to ask for blessings and pray for one goal, the success of Puteri Gunung Ledang season 3.

After the prayer, Zahim and I would usually welcome everyone to the performing space, and by this time everyone would realize that this was the point of no return now, that we can only move onwards and upwards from here. The 6th of Feb is just round the bend, and everyone needs to be even more focused than ever now, no time to waste.

Steve then led everyone in another theatre ritual, where everyone formed a big circle and held hands - the left hand receives energy from the person next to you, and the right hand gives to the other person next to you. It's a great way to keep the team spirit alive and have everyone remember our ONE PURPOSE.

Well, as i said, there's no turning back for us now and onwards it is!

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