Tuesday, 13 January 2009

An almost brand-new PGLM for season 3!

Questions and answers for MHI / Breakfast show:

Question 1: 60,000 people have watched the PGL The Musical, so why should they come see it again?

If you have watched and enjoyed it before, you will enjoy it even more this time. Every member of our team is committed to do better than they did before.

“Regulars” and repeat audiences of PGL - the musical will notice:
* Additional sets throughout the show
* The completely new lighting design throughout the show, which will bring a completely different energy to each scene,
* Some fresh new music, as well as new musical arrangements.
* Some new costumes
* More use of 3D in the Video Projections
* Tighter, deeper performances, which should pack in more of an emotional punch,

But the most significant change to the show will be a completely new element we are really excited to explore which is the use of illusions and special effects.

During our study tours of musicals over the past few months, Zahim, Malek and I noticed that the new musicals were using a more high-tech approach, which seemed to gel very well with new and seasoned theatre audiences. Lord Of The Rings, Zorro, Tarzan, and my favorite, Wicked, featured a lot of 3D and special effects, designed by illusionists. It represented an evolution of tradition-meets-modern-world, where audiences were looking beyond just the songs and dances to expect something a bit more spectacular and dynamic.

I think the show will move much more smoothly now and sparkle with a fresh, new attitude and energy.

Question 2:
What about the others who have not watched the show, never been to the theatre? What would u like to tell them?

I would say there are half a million other potential theatre-goers in the klang valley alone who haven't been to the theatre! For a lot of them, the theatre going culture is not a natural normal culture for them unlike watching TV, going to the cinema and even watching a concert. We hope to introduce theatre as a beautiful new EXPERIENCE.

These people have not yet experienced the magic of being transported into a magical world of music, beautiful lyrics and dialogue, mesmerizing sets, breathtaking choreography, an where your emotions are heightened because you are a part of what’s going on, on stage in front of your very eyes…

Everything is live, interactive, its perfection-100 ppl have to hit the perfect moment at the same time. 120minutes of precision and perfection! There is absolutely NO room for error.

Q : what was Enfiniti’s main mission when you first designed and planned for PGLM in 2006?

We made it our mission, and designed PGLM to be the best first experience in the theatre so that they will go to the theatre again and again. Its live, interactive, its perfection-100 ppl have to hit the perfect moment at the same time. 120minutes of precision and perfection!

Ppl who watch PGL have said that its as good as and even sometimes better than international shows. I'm sure every Malaysian wd be proud to see Malaysia produce world class productions. This is what the industry has been striving to achieve over the years.

The mission of our team is to contribute to this effort, and with the pool of talent and many quality productions we have seen over the past three years, I feel we are coming closer and closer to reaching this target.

Q : PGL made Malaysia proud being the first Malaysian musical to be performed at the prestigious Esplanade Theatre. What would you describe as one of your most unforgettable experiences performing for your first international audience?

The biggest recognition for PGL is that we were invited to perform at the Esplanade, which is so particular about the quality of productions they bring in. Feels so good to hear so many Malaysians in Singapore, saying how proud they are to be Malaysian tonight.

Q : Final message to the audience:

Personally, I’d say that Malaysian audiences who come to watch the show this February will see many things they haven’t seen before in past seasons of Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical.


rambomadonna said...

Hello Datin, tak sia-sia lah I booking the tickets since Nov 2008.

Malaywood said...

I dont think I am the only one who is exxagerating, or whats not, but

PGLTM is million times worth watching than Lord of the rings, zorro, and wicked.

hail to PGLTM!!!!

zarazaznan said...

definately wont miss the show..!!
love it, love it & more love it..!!

tiara jacquelina said...

hi Rambomadonna and Malaywood,


thanks, Rambomadonna kerana booking begitu awal sekali, i'm really touched by that. I PROMISE you won't regret it!

thanks, Malaywood, i must tell you that to even be COMPARED to LOTR, Zorro and Wicked in the same breath pun dah kira a huge honour - apalagi di puji begitu. I guess you're like me, we have so much faith in our own stories and our capability of reaching the same stars as anyone in the world.

We'll be giving it our all, to make Malaysia proud!

dlady said...

I am really looking fwd to watch PGLTM and this would be my first time watching theater since i missed out ur 1st season ;)

Queen said...

Hai Datin,
I've booked tickets for my family to watch PGLM since I had miss the last one. I've watched the P Ramlee musical and it was a great show. Can't wait to be there.
You have great ideas and talent.

See you soon.

HomeBakerz, said...

hi datin,

we all pun tak sabar nak tgk season 3. r u going to be there or someone else will replace u?

Malaywood said...

I slept watching LOTR,
God, what a waste of 15 million pounds!
shitties show ever in the history of London.and Its been running for only 7 months!

Wicked on the other hand, is popular is just because its a broadway.To me, it is very childish.6 of my cousins who came last week and paid 60 pounds for each, said, We definitely say Pgltm
would definitely kick all these west end shit shows!

Pgltm is so strong interms of set,music, lyrics, dierection, lighting, and most of it acting and dancing! superrrb!

Pgltm should be compared to Lion King, Jersey Boys,Billy Elliot, and Miss Saigon.

and the winner is? definitely PGLTM!ITS A F**KING LEGEND!

cancen said...

I'm excited!the best part is i'm bringing bunch of my students from JB to watch this on the last day matinee..i really hope u Datin will be on stage n not your understudy.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Many many congratulations - I JUST SAW IT TODAY. Loved it. I was one of those who thought after season 1 and 2, that Season 3 would not be a surprise but surprised I was. The set was gorgeous, You were exquisite, HangTuah was of course beautiful and more fluent (although he did still sound rehearsed at times but he still looked beautiful so we forgave him)- The dancers- so enthusiastic! The Sultan and Adipati- sigh. No words. Everyone seemed like they had SO MUCH FUN!!Ok enough said. Basically, it was good, WELL DONE!