Saturday, 17 January 2009

Rehearsing PGLM with AC, Adlin and Ida

When the pair of AC and Adlin come together, we say' "that's the day's rehearsals out the window lah, now that Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee are in da house!" They're a real riot, they are. Imagine poor Zahim trying to keep the rehearsal on track and everyone trying to suppress giggles and snorts in between lines. Sigh. Don't know how Ida manages to keep such a straight face.

We're working on going way deeper beneath the surface of every scene this season, so everyone is approaching the script like a new piece of work, without the muscle memory attached to the way we played everything in the past seasons. Steve came back to KL bringing a bag full of books based on some of the acting techniques he picked up over the last two years, mostly base on Sanford Meisner's teachings. It's mainly to do with acting from a "truthful" place, which helps the scenes stay "alive" everytime - focusing out on your partner rather than on yourself. We had tried these new techniques out on the Nov 08 Starmaker Bootcamp students, and it really helped bring each scene to a totally different height which makes it so fresh and exciting for us especially after having done this 50 times already in the past! It's almost like doing a totally different show.

I'm particularly excited about my "curse" scene with Adlin as the Sultan. It's so different now, much more dynamic than before, and the effect is qute different too. Same dialogue, totally different approach, WICKEDDDD outcome!

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