Tuesday, 10 June 2008

teamwork wins championships...

in michael jordan's words" “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

i'm dedicating my day off work today to updating my blog. last saturday, i decided to watch P.Ramlee from a different seat in the audience. i have always wondered what the show would look like from right up close, so chose to sit right behind the main keyboardist and conductor, the talented young Jason Voo.

this must be the best seat in the house, in my opinion. if you appreciate watching talent, energy and focus at work, that is. i could see from right up close, just how every single member of the cast, ensemble, musicians and even the "transformers", really give their all both onstage as well as off. the energy coming from the stage and from the orchestra pit is so infectious one can't help but whoop and cheer them on. i watch in awe at this group of 70 onstage and the 11musicians and 8back-up vocalists who have been performing 11 shows in a row since the 29th may, and am amazed at how dedicated every one of them are to their job, telling the story of the rise and fall of Malaysia's greatest entertainment icon.

in a production like p.ramlee, what you don't see from just being in the audience is just what it takes for every single one of the many, many elements in the whole production to happen at exactly the right time, on cue, or we fail. if at any one time, ANYONE decides it going to be his "day off", and he or she switches off for even a split second, forgets a line, messes up a music cue, forgets a dance move, forgets to run onstage, wears the wrong outfit, touch wood lah of course.. or even the guy you DON'T see onstage, the back projection operators Danny Hoo and team, imagine if they put on the wrong slide or played the projection late, or if Pat Gui or any of her super stage management team "switched off" and lost focus for even a split second and forgot to cue oneof the sets to come flying down or to be pushed on, that would be unforgiveable. but every one of the 200 people in the production know just how their part no matter how big or small is so integral to the success of the whole production.

i'm watching every single show and usually have my mobile phone handy so i can take notes on little details we need to fix - timig of the train coming in, norizan's bra back that bugged me cos i can't help but notice it (tks shada for fixing this!), the azizah-ramlee duet, watching out for details like whether baby erin's side slits show off too mck leg, whether musly looks good in all his outfits in each scene, actors audio levels in specific scenes etc. and everyone knows i'm watching and taking notes when they see me whip out my infamous bling baby mid-way through a performance. nothing escapes me, and they know i'm there to keep everyone on their oes and i do this cos i want the show to be absolutely perfect and i expect nothing short of PERFECT. i don't think we will come across the opportunity to do something like this very often, not unless we get a special grant for it or something falls out from the sky, so i want us to deserve the credit and accolades and not feel we cold have done better.

i watch the show and i must say i am so proud of everyone involved in making P.Ramlee-the Musical the show everybody calls "world class" and the show that proves Malaysia Boleh. hats off to you, cast, emsemble, stage management crew, transformers, musicians, projection team, sound team, lights, front of house, enfiniti's production maagement team, and the talented bunch of ppl i call my creatives. you are the reason why we ROCK.

Earvin Magic Johnson said this: “Everybody on a championship team doesn't get publicity, but everyone can say he's a champion.”


puteri hang li poh said...

Kudos to you and your fantastic team! I clapped excitedly like a child after every song/scene presented, my neighbour in the audience must be wondering why this granny so excited. Congratulations to Musley esp who proved himself worth of the production's trust in him. And I totally agreed with what Earvin Magic Johnson said. That was why I was slightly disappointed at curtain call, when the VVIP personnels behind the scene didn't appear on stage to receive the accolades due to them. I wanted to see taking the bow Adlin, Roslan Aziz, Pat Ibrahim, you too and all the others who had worked so hard to orchestra the production - Let the stage be filled with these dedicated people - every cog and nut is so very important in any system.
Thank you so much for giving us P.Ramlee again. And thank you family (Tati & all) for bringing me to the show again and agian.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the show i watched that night was brilliant, it is a blessing that malaysia can finally showcast their talents in the musical industry, cant wait for even better and bigger malaysia made musicals!

adra said...

Hello tiara, I was there last Saturday leaving my 10 months baby at home crying looking for his parents all night long. And luckily we collide with on your way to escalator. Anyway, thumbs up to all of the great effort to bring world class show back to KL since I didn’t mange to grab the ticket last season. I’ve always involved with small theatre show in Melaka with a lot of silly mistake during show. But watching PRTM, I can say it’s PERFECT. Too PERFECT to be true.

Datin, where can I get VCD for PGL and VCD for second season of PRTM? I really want to watch it again and again… I stay in Melaka and not possible for to be in KL every weekend…Kindly brief me on the details to get those VCD via my email adralaila@yahoo.com or ring me at 019-6365050.

ms hart said...

Dear Tiara, your earlier posting on the girls from your alma mater and this one on the brilliant team of PRTM, brought tears of nostalgia to my eyes. All my schooling life - from primary to tertiary - I was that 'girl' too!! Was so much a stage person, and never ever on the field!!! ha ha ha That is why I truly, truly appreciate any kind of stage performance, what more one that is of your scale and standard! I thought I would end up as a vocal trainer, y'know! ha ha ha Or at least work in the creative area! Tak tahu lah how I ended up in such a 'serious' career!! *pouting, pouting...he he he

Anyway, in case you haven't noticed, tu, Puteri Hang Li Poh in the above comment box tu, is my aunty. I think she introduced herself to you that night. Ok, take care, yah?!