Thursday, 12 June 2008

behind-the-scenes at P.Ramlee-The Musical coffee table book

finally!!!! this book has been almost 7 months in the making, and is a journal of our experience putting together the musical from scratch, and charts our journey through seasons 1 and 2, as well as singapore. it will go on sale at istana budaya from FRIDAY 13th June through the rest of our run til 15th June, afetr which it will go on sale at MPH outlets nationwide. enjoy!

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iruka said...

I came yesterday. I was shocked when the PM came along in the dark with 8 bodyguards. My handbag fell when I saw our handsome angkasawan in the middle of the lobby. :) Dang, was he handsome! LOL.

I sat somewhere in the U section. I tell you something, I HAD FUN! I cried, i laughed and tears swelled up throughout the show. It was amazing and I hope that you guys can really make this musical a yearly event for all of us.

Cheers and the heartiest congratulations from me and my family.