Friday, 13 June 2008

creativity and artistic exposure can develop the mind... and help you in maths!

i dropped in on irfan khairi's blog to thank him for posting such a generous review of P.Ramlee - The Musical, and decided i'd copy the comments to post it on my blog too.

its always been a personal mission of mine to encourage more Malaysians to explore their creative side and see how being creative can help open our minds to many different possibilities and alternatives, especially to do with problem solving and finding creative solutions.

most ppl don't see the connection but i'll tell you a secret about myself in school. i was a maths failure in form 4, i just couldn't figure out why and had almost given up. then i decided to take up art and got really into it, form 4 being "honeymoon" year and all, and one day, it all fell into place when i took a step back and found that maths was not a problem as it seemed, it was just concepts and patterns and recognizing them, and after that maths became fun, tackling any kind of algebra was a fun challenge i looked fwd to and by the time i got to do my spm, i got an A2 for maths and that's a far cry from my no-hope results in form 4! that's why i absolutely believe in exposing children to all forms of art and creativity right from a very young age.

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