Tuesday, 10 March 2009

My TRANSFORMASI from Puteri to Principal!

Tiara is BAAAAACK! It's great to be back in my own skin as myself for a change. Been lying low cos I had to keep mum about the next big thing and it wasn't easy. Anyway everyone, it's out in the open now so I can breathe out.

I had a great start on my first day at the Academy. Met the faculty for the first time, met the kids, and I kicked off with a Keynote presentation off the vision and mission statement I had in mind. I decided that the best way to start this journey together would be to make sure we had a definite PLAN first and foremost, with a definite target and goal, and that we are always on the same page.

I watched their faces for reactions as i presented my case. I got several gaping mouths at first, a few blank stares too, probably because AF never used lingo like MISSION STATEMENT or VISION in their teaching text before, but by the end of the third slide, i knew they had got it and when i asked them "ARE YOU WITH ME?" I got the most enthusiastic "YES!!!!" I ever heard in the history of AF!

At the end of the session, energy was high, I could see fire in everyone's eyes and in their voices, students and faculty alike, and i could sense that the transformation had already begun.

For the record, I thought I'd share on my blog, a few of the main slides i shared with the students yesterday, so you have an idea WHAT THE TRANSFORMATION WILL BE ABOUT.

I look forward to this new project with more enthusiasm than ever. It's gonna be a huge challenge because it's the first time I've entered a project where the framework has been set, people are in place and I don't have my usual team on board. I take this as the ultimate test for me, to see if I can successfully translate my thoughts and way of working to a new team. Hopefully i will be able to "infect" them and we will be able to take AF7 to heights never scaled before - wish me luck!


LeSScAkAp said...

A great KUDOS to you for breaking the tradition; after 6 seasons you are the first lady principal...

All the best to you and your team in bringing that TRANSFORMATION into AF 7...

looking forward to see great performances week after week till the final night

all the best again!



ANGAH said...

Tahniah!! Congrats!!!

It is nice to have you as the principle af7. Sesungguhnya sesuatu yang menakjubkan sebagaimana PGL.
All the best to you dear Tiara.
Im waiting for the transformation, can't wait for the 1st concert.
Im proud, as senior of Convent, Teluk Intan.. u did a great Job..a spendid one...

ms hart said...

So!! For us here this means, it's family picnic in front of the TV every Saturday night from now on, haa?;-) Thanks for pulling us back to the show! Afundi Principal?! he he

All the best, dear.

p/s glad Principal still has some time to blog!