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Malay Mail - Tiara to do it better in AF7

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Tiara to do it better in AF7
By NADIRAH H. RODZI March 10, 2009 Categories: News

THERE’S nothing a man can do that a woman can’t. Sometimes, we do it better,” said the newly appointed Akademi Fantasia’s (AF) principal, Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina, with a cheeky

No stranger to Malaysia’s entertainment industry, Tiara has acted, sung, hosted as well as produced many mega projects and is undoubtedly capable of shouldering her responsibility as the
new principal for the reality TV show.

Breaking the tradition of male principals throughout the years, Tiara has definitely proven that she fits the bill well to lead and groom the contestants into becoming the best of talents.

“I am very thrilled to become the new principal for AF. I have been a fan of the show since the first season was aired. Although I am promoting a few changes in the latest season of the show, it’s great to be here and I am so excited to share first-hand knowledge with them personally,” gushed Tiara.

Asked what she loves most about the show, Tiara revealed: “The idea of exposing a journey of a zero to hero really draws my attention. It isn’t exactly easy to groom a person into becoming
a star. Some take years but we are only given three months. This is a great opportunity and I am ready for this.”

Tiara revealed that she had already recommended some major changes to be made at the academy and was definitely up to the challenge as the promotional catchphrase of season seven is “The Touch of Transformation has Begun”.

“To me, transformation means new breath, dare to try something new, up for the challenge and ready for change.

With all the qualities I have mentioned, we could give birth to world class entertainers.

“I believe it’s about time for us to produce local entertainers with these kinds of qualities.

That’s how the new catchphrase came by. If the goal is there but the confidence is not, a dream
could never be turned into a reality,” she said.

However, with great responsibility, comes great work. Although Tiara thinks that it is possible to produce world class entertainers within the country, the star does not deny the fact that it is going to be a challenging journey.

“I believe it’s going to be hard and there will be a lot of unforeseen circumstances ahead but I beg to differ that this is just another season of AF. I am here to make sure that we are going to deliver the very best, the most memorable season of AF ever.

“We do not want to produce just another entertainer; we want to produce icons. I will give my 1,000 per cent,” said Tiara.

“We’re not here to create a ripple, we’re here to create a tidal wave.”

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hudrahim said...

Hi Tiara,
Last nite we were yelling/cheering out loud over the knowledge that you're the AF principal.Watching you walk-in really drove us to the edge of excitement...it's like watching the final episode of AF7.Transformation is not an easy path but..to discover new ocean,one needs great courage to lose sight of the sea shore.All the best PRINCIPAL!