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Return of the Princess - PGL makes another return by Return of the Princess PGL makes another comeback by Nur Aqidah Azizi

Return of the Princess

PGL makes another comeback
Thursday, November 26th, 2009 09:44:00

Return of the Princess
WELL, there's more than one way to skin a cat. This is especially true in Puteri Gunung Ledang’s (PGL) case.

Since it was first brought to modern silver screen some five years ago, PGL has been through more than one transformation.

After hitting the cinemas, the big budget movie, which was produced by Enfiniti Production Sdn Bhd (EPSB) was then brought to the stage — Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical — which ran successfully for three seasons.

So what's next for PGL? Will the fans see more facets of its being soon?

The answer is yes, with the help of Astro Citra and Astro Prima. PGL is set to be a four-part miniseries on Astro Citra’s Suatu Ketika... slot, which will premiere on Dec 2 at 9pm.

What makes this project interesting is the fact that never-before seen footages will be included in the mini series, making a director's cut of sorts. Some of them include the fighting scenes between Hang Tuah and Adipati, Tun Teja flashbacks on her romantic link with Hang Tuah as well as Hang Tuah's fighting scene with Hang Jebat.

"There is also a Kraton dance scene which has been added with special effects. However, that wasn’t included in the film and I remember that I was so sad and frustrated when the scene was cut. Now that it will finally make its way to the film in this project, I hope fans will enjoy watching it as much as the rest of us did," said PGL producer Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina.

Astro Citra general manager, Sharlyza Alis Sharkawi said, the new look of PGL in the miniseries is definitely
something to look out for.

"It will be the original PGL movie, only how the director intended it to be. Fans must not miss this as a lot of interesting scenes will be unveiled for the first time on Astro Citra," she said.

"This is an opportunity for fans who enjoyed the movie the first time around, and for those who haven’t seen the movie yet. I believe it will be a truly unique experience."

The Suatu Ketika... slot, which is a joint campaign by Astro Citra and Astro Prima, features the fictionalised
and documentary versions of the story premiering on both channels respectively.

"For PGL, we will be screening the movie on Astro Citra, while the documentary on PGL, done by Astro's team, will be screend at Astro Prima. So, fans will be able to watch both versions of the same title through our slot," said Sharlyza at the Press conference, which was held at Rainforest Borneo Restaurant recently.

When asked, Tiara said the whole production team of PGL are honoured with the opportunity. "This project is so instrumental to me and the whole production team involved. A lot of blood, sweat and love were put into the movie. We braved the heavy rain and the storm to ensure the success of the project.

"Looking back, at times we felt that it was an impossible feat, but each and every one of us involved made it possible, somehow," said Tiara, who broke into tears as she shared her experience working on the movie.

"Time flies so fast and I can hardly believe that it has been five years since we first unveiled PGL. We have never really celebrated our success and I think it’s a great time to celebrate, in conjunction with our fifth
anniversary," she added.

"It's always a nice feeling to watch the movie again. It brings back a lot of memories. It also reminds us that
we Malaysians are capable of doing anything. There's nothing that we can't do, as long as we have the spirit
and determination to achieve it."

PGL also attracted foreign distributors who have shown interests to distribute and screen the movie at their
respective countries.

"So far, we have sold the rights to 13 countries, including Europe, Singapore, Brunei, China and Thailand,
among others. They have asked us for more films, but unfortunately, PGL is the only movie we have," said
Tiara, laughing.

For the record, PGL has secured several awards under its belt, including Best Actress (Tiara Jacquelina) at the 50th Asia Pacific Film Festival and Best Producer at the inaugural Asian Festival of Films 2005.

PGL was also the first Malaysian film to be shortlisted in the nominations for consideration in the Best Foreign Language Film category for the 77th Academy Awards.

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