Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Beauty Secrets?

An interview I just shared with the SUN today:

1) What is ONE beauty secret you can share with my readers?
Whats very attractive besides physical beauty is ENERGY, I think that's important because it's much more interesting and engaging to talk to an energetic, passionate person rather than a pretty face who doesn't seem to get very much out of life. I load myself up on supplements and anything that keeps my immune system and energy levels up.

2) How do you maintain your figure? Tell us your diet programme?
Every now and then when I know I need to look good, I go on a special diet programme called Health Pointe, similar to the Atkins and South Beach diet in some ways. It seems to work for me. I also eat very carefully, choosing high protein,low fat meals like Sashimi or grilleded fish over Nasi Campur or Char Kueh Teow.

3) Is there any traditional beauty method such as Jamu or even mandi bunga that you used.
I believe in Jamu, it's an Indonesian secret of youth and beauty that I know works, my mother was brought up on it and tried to get me into it to. It's an alternative to modern health supplements in a way. As for Mandi Bunga, it could be more of a psychological well-being method than anything else I think...if you feel like a Kraton Princess inside, you might tend to behave more like one, perhaps? Ha Ha.

4) Did your mom share any of her beauty secrets with you and you still used them with you?
Oh yes...Besides the Jamu, a glass of water first thing upon rising. I drink a whole bottle actually.

5) How do you define beauty ?
For me, beauty is an energy, a presence, a charisma, that comes from a good place inside a person. Good looks are a plus but nowadays beauty can even be manufactured so what's the big deal.

6) do you think it is important to have positive thoughts about life to maintain your beauty?
I always say, look at a person when the cameras are not on him or her, that's when you see the real person. You can't fake these things. Whether a person has positive or negative energy or thoughts inside him, it will always shine through.

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