Sunday, 19 April 2009

Diari AF Week 6, Day One

thanks to crystle1987 for uploading and sharing this video recording of AF7. Gosh I haven't blogged for ages, it's just been so crazy at AF. Anyway, here's one of the episodes from last week.

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Iskandar said...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
An Open Letter to Principal Tiara
Assalamualaikum Principal Tiara
We, Fans and Friends of Hafiz would like to express our deepest frustrations and our dissatisfaction on the song selected for our dear Hafiz this week ie a long winding hip hop rap song Kau Punya Aku by Malique featuring Najwa. We watched the diary tonight and we noticed that even you, PRINCIPAL TIARA is unsure who Najwa is! How come? tsk tsk tsk looks like someone is not doing her homework ~~
Have you even listened to that song? The whole song? Dont you take part in the selection of songs for your students or you just leave that job to someone else. Principal Tiara, Malique the professional hip hop rapper sounded like he was READING from a script in that song with just 1 single note. wawawawa ... So with that, what are your expectations from Hafiz? What more can an amateur student like Hafiz do to improvise that song to make it better?! What I am trying to tell you here is even though this is a good song :: IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR A COMPETITION.
Have you ever gone through the list of songs that has been sung by the individual students? Have you even noticed that HAFIZ had been getting songs that are just TOO OLD for him? The only song that was hip and current was his 1st song which was also HIS CHOICE, Lagu Kita. He performed excellently. Juries were impressed, audience applauded, even you enjoyed and was proud of his performance and you even awarded him the Pelajar Cemerlang award that 1st week, remember?
Tonight's diary showed you commenting on Hafiz saying that this was not his best performance. He could do better than that. OF COURSE HE COULD DO 10 TIMES BETTER THAN THAT IF YOU COULD ONLY GIVE HIM A FAIR CHANCE, A GOOD SONG LIKE YOU HAVE ASSIGNED TO THE OTHER STUDENTS.
Do you actually think that this hip hop song is a challenge for his Hafiz' vocal? Havent you been listening to the comments made by the juries? A MORE CHALLENGING SONG FOR HAFIZ! Or are the juries to be ignored. Just accessories to beautify the Dewan? So which part of the song, to your professional knowledge, Principal, is the real deal that could challenge Hafiz' vocal?
Principal Tiara, this is not helping Hafiz at all. Back to the recent bout of favouritism and biasness in the academy, its slowly revealing the fact that it is true, isnt it? Instead of helping Hafiz to menuju puncak, it seems that the academy is trying to push Hafiz down with all these songs!
Hafiz' Fans and Friends sound like we are forever complaining, displeasure about this and that. Do you receive complaints and whines from other fans, Principal Tiara?
If you do, arent you going to attend to the complaints and try to rectify the problems?
If you dont, doesnt it show that only Hafiz had been treated unfairly thus the complaints?
We all know its impossible to make everyone happy! This is not so much about being happy or self satisfaction or craving for special treatment. Hafiz is not desperate for love and affection in the academy. This is all about being fair! Never mind the minimal airtime for Hafiz, never mind the teachers' sour faces when Hafiz receives positive comments from juries, its OK that he doesnt receive the best student award anymore, these do not affect his votes.
Principal Tiara, we appreciate that the academy acknowledged Hafiz as a versatile singer. For 6 weeks, he has proven that whatever songs of whatever genre that was slapped on to him, he managed to deliver well even though he struggled a bit during the last concert. After 6 weeks, dont you think its time to give him a break, Principal? Dont you think he has given enough and worked hard enough to prove that he truly is a versatile entertainer? Dont you realise that he had been struggling so hard trying to make the best out of some unheard of songs which made even the original singer proud?
We were so happy to hear that AF7 is being headed by a lady. Not any other lady but you, Tiara Jacquelina. Personally, I had always looked up to you as a very intelligent and sophisticated lady. We thought you could bring changes and transform the traditional ways of twisting the drama to sway votes to something more intelligent ... and we are still waiting.
All we ask for is, if you could give a popular current hit song to a student whose voice you know suits the song perfectly well, could you also give Hafiz that chance too? He deserves a good song too dont you think so? I believe its not too late to change his song this week. Could you please look into it, Principal? If the other students can get a song of their preference by their idol singer, so can Hafiz right?
Posted by Hafiz Akademi Fantasia 7 at 12:20 AM