Sunday, 19 April 2009

Dr. Sean Paul's magical smile transformations for Claudia and Aishah!

Looks and a perfect "package" are so important to the success of a star, especially so if you want to make a good first impression and even be NOTICED in the first place. A great smile is almost essential, and having the confidence that you look great and can open your mouth to smile and talk with confidence is such an asset.

I wanted to know what it would be like to be able to help change someone's life forever by getting them a perfect set of teeth. I spoke to my dentist friend Dr. Sean Paul of Livingwell at Starhill. Sean has transformed the smile of our P.Ramlee star Musly Ramlee before this, and I asked him for a huge favor of transforming the smiles of our two girls. Sean, being the sweetheart he is, said yes immediately.

The Astro people were esctatic, of course, as it would be the first ever physical or cosmetic transformation ever done on AF. I'm so happy for the girls. Watch this before and after transformation posted by crystle1987 and videokl on youtube.

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ezral Sya said...

That particular diari af episode made me green with envy aaaaaaaaaaghhh camni nak masuk AF jugak! hahahaha.