Friday, 24 October 2008

Three Months in Tasmania - Tiara's photo journey (part one)

this is a photo journey into the beautiful land of Tasmania, that began with this humble Toyota Tarrago, our trusty TomTom navigator, my favorite hiking boots, one single pair of Gap Long And Lean jeans, my favorite Nikon D40X and Lonely Planet's travel bible in my hand...

These boots were meant for walking, as they say, and walk i did, all over wonderland..

keep watching this space for updates cos dear ol' Eja our publicist says "aiya so many photos but none of you, what for?" (er... cos i'm the gal behind my camera, hello?) so i will try to upload a few from Effendi's camera too very soon. Enjoy...

I never imagined myself to be interested in photography, other than having to constantly look at hundreds of publicity shots for our various shows and make choices.

Before I came to Tassie, i had planned to use this time to learn something new, so i signed on for Creative Writing and Painting. But it seems that my sudden newfound love for photography has overtaken everything else! If you were here, you'd see why i say even the best of cameras cannot capture what the eye can see. Tasmania's natural beauty lends itself as the perfect subject for the eager lensman, always readily on display for a great and rewarding shot.

During our three months here, Effendi and i have traveled almost all over the state by now, and it's a huge state with so much to cover in every corner. I felt that this was the least i could do to honour this wonderful little paradise called Tasmania, to give her something back after such an enriching life-changing experience.

And here, i'd like to share this with the readers of my blog. Enjoy...

Bruny Island, at the spot called "The Neck", an isthmus between North and South Bruny:

It was our lucky day - we saw three dolphins playing in the wild!

Cataract Gorge in Launceston up North - view from the suspension bridge:

Cygnet Coast, by the river, on one of our endless adventures chasing the sunset:

Fresh Pacific Oysters - my absolute favo - at lunch at Home Hill Winery:

The Bay Of Fires, Binalong Bay at Sunset:

One of our favorite sunsets at Sorell, South Arm:

Sunrise and sunset along the pristine beaches of The Bay Of Fires, Binalong Bay, on the East Coast Of Tasmania. The Bay of Fires has just last week been nominated No.1 destination for 2009 by Lonely Planet, we wanted to get there before the crowds...

a random beautiful spring bloom:

Columbus Falls,at the end of a beautiful walk through the St Helen's national forest:

Boats out on the Derwent River - from our balcony at Zero Davey Hobart

Constitution Dock just after sundown, right next to Zero Davey Hobart:

Franklin River at Sunset:

Hasting's Cave:


nikicheong said...

Oh my! So cantik the pictures! I've never been to Tassie but now I want to make that my next destination!

miezi said...

all the gambar really wow me!!
am also into photography, tp tak sehebat gambar yg di sini :)

Hakim Amir said...

u took amazing pics here Tiara... awesome stuffs..

FND said...

nice pic..hahaha when i read all ur cerita..menambahkan cita2 to visit hobart...hopefully this coming disember

FND said...

sangat indah and so nice..neverbeen to tasmania tak terfikir plak kat situ cantik...i will visit hobart sometimes this coming disember

naddy said...

oh my, gorgeous photos....


Sarah and Daniel Santoro said...

Wow!!!! These pictures bring back real memories for me off when we lived in tas. You captured them beautifully Tiara! Thankyou! xx