Tuesday, 21 October 2008

flying high on my birthday...

In my day, i have tried the most extreme of adventures and activities from white-water rafting and bungee jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand. But we're talkin' several thousand days ago here. recently, the extreme sporting adventures have been very few and far between. A couple of weeks ago, when the kids, my mum, my sister carol and her daughter Erin last visited us in Tassie, we thought it might be fun to revisit our crazy bachelor days and try something fairly exciting again, with 2 + 1 equally crazy kids who were game for anything fun.

This was my birthday weekend, on the 3rd October, and i didn't want a party like we had almost every other year, but wanted to enjoy the day being with people who mattered the most to me, doing memorable things together.

So off we drove to Launceston in the North, stayed at the most gorgeous vineyard with the most stunning view overlooking the river, and the next morning we headed out to Hollybanks Forest Reserve for our treetops adventure.

This is what the experience is about, from their official website, to cut the long story short.


And this was us:

Needless to say, this birthday was the most memorable and breathtaking of all.


ajakrebyz said...

hepy belated bday tiara.. anyway, luv ur rainforest borneo cafe.. been there for ramadahn buffet ;)

ms hart said...

I remembered your birthday on 3rd raya and thought of you all the time I bustled in and out the kitchen cooking and cleaning and eating and getting hungry again!! Ahahh!! Thought of you too in between the plates of lontong, the mouthful of tarts and fruit cake!! hu hu

Glad you've had an unforgettable birthday this year! Allah bless you always, ok? Ameen.