Tuesday, 21 October 2008

an "apprenticeship" with Peter Barraclough

This journey to Tasmania was after all meant to be a time-out from business as usual back home, and i really wanted to do something really meaningful during my time here and go back to ground zero and learn something from scratch. I decided that ground zero number one would be creative writing, and second would be to paint.

The art school couldn't fit me in with a course short enough for me to cover all i wanted to cover during this time, so i looked around for an art teacher who could hopefully condense all i would have learned in art school and perhaps even a bit more.

I will try and fit in a little more about my days spent as an "apprentice" at Peter Barraclough's studio at Salamanca place, meantime here are photos taken by Rudi.


Azli Raja said...

dearest tiara, first of all, happy belated birthday.... good to hear that you are into writing. creative writing some more. susah woooo.... anyway Pak Widi was my best sifu in scriptwriting. I was very grateful that you hired me and I got the chance to work with Pak Widi. I still remember when Datuk was done reading mak mertuaku and immediately made a comment that it was one of the best script he ever read... last but not least, yoga is good way to overcome a writer's block... hehehe.. cheers!

Rizal Braim said...

Salam, Datin Seri, Saya Rizal dari Kangar. Pertama kali maaf sekira comment saya yg tidak ada kena mengena dgn tajuk topik apprenticeship. Saya ada seorang kenalan di Singapore yang tahu kesudahan nasib Puteri Gunung Ledang dan kesudahan nasib Laksamana Hang Tuah. Kalau Datin Seri berminat bagi kisah lanjut sila e-mail saya di braim75@yahoo.com Harap maaf jika comment ini menggangu Datin Seri.