Wednesday, 24 October 2007

tiara's producer's note in p.ramlee programme book

In my midnight huddles with my team after a gruelling 12-hour day of rehearsals, I remind them about how we are doing this not for ourselves,and certainly not for anyone else but for P. Ramlee. It’s the least we can do in recognition of his genius and exceptional talent, and his total dedication to his art that has given us this industry that exists today.

It is very unfortunate that the people of my generation and the generations after us, have totally missed out on who P. Ramlee was, and why it is that he is called a Malaysian icon, a national pride, a legend. Therefore, in the name of immortalizing that very legend, my friends and I have set out to research and tell the story of his life, so our children will always remember.

Putting on a show is always a challenge. Trying to meet and hopefully exceed the expectations of audiences after the success of Puteri Gunung Ledang is ten times that challenge. But I have always been most fortunate, God always sends wonderful people my way. Wonderful people who share the same vision and the same dream.

Watching the team work lifts my spirits and strengthens my hope that we have the people who want the best for our country. Mahatma Gandhi once said that we must be the change we want to see in this world, so here are a bunch of people who are trying to walk the talk and make that change. There is so much to be learnt from watching how people in the arts come together, support each other and succeed together. I see a team of people who work not for credit or recognition, but are happy to play their part in making the bigger picture a success.

Thank you, Tan Sri P. Ramlee, for being the original dreamer, and for inspiring many of us after him, to dare dream too.

Saloma sings these words at the end of the play:

Dan siapakah dia
yang telah berjaya
menghuni di hati
kita semua?
Dia telah membawa
Makna dan kenangan
Cinta yang pertama…

“What you want to do, and what you can do, is limited only by what you can dream. Mike melville


ayusyuhara said...

Datin Tiara..Tahniah selepas kejayaan PGL sekarang kembali dgn satu lagi production yg sgt mengujakan.Bangga bila ada anak melayu yg bertungkus lumus menghasilkan atau tribute utk P.Ramlee.Mengenali Datin juga adalah pengalaman yg tak dapat dilupakan..Datin adalah seorang insan seni yg sgt humble..luv you..tapi frust sgt sebab tiket dah pun habis..boleh tak pementasan ini dilanjutkan..hehehehhe..berharap sgt utk tengok..anyway wish u best of luck..

luv from siti zubaidah cast.."Puteri Sajarah"

lunacy said...

Hi Tiara, its always exciting reading ur blog..esp on ur latest production. cepat, asked chedd how to upload pics!! Anyway, last nite i was talking to my lovey and ibuk abt your latest production when my little one overheard me and asked "ibu, P Ramlee masih hidup?" hehehhe he's turning 5 and a great fan of P Ramlee :)

Keep up the gud werk!!
love fr SG

Amir Fuad said...

Hi Datin Seri Tiara,
Watched the Sunday matinee show on 21 Oct 2007.
Congratulations to you and your team. On the whole I enjoyed it very much. I will not write more, since I alrdy made a small review on my blog ( you may read (if you have the time, that is - i understand you are a very busy woman). There weren't many things I didn't like about P Ramlee The Musical.
I hope all your efforts will eventually lead to an even more robust "musical theatre culture" in Malaysia where there a lots of people making quality shows and there is a very large audience watching these shows as well.
Again, tahniah and hope Enfiniti will have many more productions for Malaysians to enjoy and to be proud of as well.

DeanSham said...

Hi Tiara,

just out of curiousity, why a musical not a movie?

or maybe one is already in the pipeline?

BuMpZiE said...
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syd said...

hye datin..congrats kerana berjaya menghasilkan PRAMLEE THE MUSCIAL ini.saya berpeluang menontonnya pada 21Oktober yang lepas..memang superbbb..congratsagain..


edeon said...

I can't wait to see the show on 27 Oct. That day i bought the ticket online straight after knowing the show when u appears on the breakfast show. I had always admired Tan Sri P Ramlee, his songs and movies. Can't wait to get excite by the magic of theatre once again after PGL. thanks..

from edmund

deliciouschica said...

hye datin,
went to watch ur show yesterday with dad.
im very much satisfied with the overall performance!
good job to all the actors.
they all did a very very terrific job.
loves, amirah.

defoo said...

Congrats Datin, I know you r doing PRtM bcoz of ur passion in art and also as a way to show that we really love and admire the man himself (PRamlee). He is just like us, orang seni and he is definitely a great seniman.

Manal said...

Thanks so much, kak tiara for sparing ur time reading the comment box.

I am still eagerly waiting with more or less good anticipation this coming sunday show.

I'll let u know my personal review once I have watch it :-)

Raja Azrul said...

Hi..Congrats for ur new musical, P.Ramlee, hope after this there will be exciting teater such as PGL and PRT. I hope you will produce more malay epic teater such as Tun Teja, Dang Anum and much more. It will make malaysian proud!!

edeon said...

I just watch the show today.. WOW!! Its really really good. U guys had done it again...Congrats Tiara!! i love it.. A wonderful efforts by all as a tribute to Tan Sri P Ramlee. Hope to get the CDs for the songs..haha

tiara jacquelina said...

hi AYU,

nice to hear from you . tak dengar langsung khabar you lepas siti zubaidah. anyway tks for saying such nice things in your comments. i make it a point untuk cuba stay as humble as i can,pasal ada pepatah inggeris berkata, "be nice to everybody you meet on your climb up to success, because you will meet the same people on your way down too...". anyway, kalau you nak try nasib for tickets, try lah cepat for the extra show on saturday. take care!

tiara jacquelina said...


i managed to upload one photo for you! took so long though, i dont know if i have time to do more after this.. thanks for dropping in, anyway.

tiara jacquelina said...


i enjoyed reading your blog very much, thank you! encouragement like this burns me to want to do more for malaysia.its a thankless job but i love my work.


tks for yr earlier comments on pat's terompah tap, thats one of my favorite moments in the play too, the wedding scene. as to why a musical, i'm just in love with this medium after doing pglm, there's a certain magic spell that musicals put you under, i cant explain it, and mind you i watch every single one of the performances every single day and look forward to seeing those magical moments again and again... you've inspired me to write a new blog entry now.