Tuesday, 30 October 2007

extra performance for p. ramlee the musical

hi friends!

just to share with you, before news is released to the general public tomorrow, enfiniti productions is confirming 1 additional performance of p.ramlee the musical, 3rd november at 3pm (matinee performance). this will surely be a most emotional performance for the cast as its going to be their last day of performing for this season... tickets are available through www.ticket2u.biz and istana budaya's 24-hr hotline just as before, so good luck, its 1stcome-1st served...

hope to see you all there!


-zaza:o:binxz- said...

dear datin tiara,

is there any chance p ramlee the musical bein staged again later?

would really love to watch it... alas, i've missed this season's opportunity to watch...

shaizhar said...

Dear Datin Tiara,

Syukur alhamdulillah...kami "mangsa" pada 19/10 telah menerima duit refund pada 30/10 selepas 11 hari.

Terima Kasih atas keperihatinan datin dan adalah menjadi harapan kami untuk menyaksikan pementasan dari produksi datin dan sekali gus menyokong industri hiburan tempatan di masa akan datang.Insya-Allah