Friday, 12 October 2007

happy birthday to me!!!!!

if youre wondering what happened during the 1 week silence, its cos i couldnt for the life of me remember my username and password combo...newbie ma..what to do. thanks to chedd, again, i'm baaaaaack!

so much has happened in the last one week. i celebrated a birthday (only my 27th lah, no big drama..cancelled the big celebration at the 11th hour cos i didnt feel like partying really, for once, what with the show round the corner and this being ramadan month and all, not quite feeling the party mood if you can imagine. however!!! became quite a drama in the end with surprise bash after surprise bash, first was one dear ol' eja organised with the ensemble and pat, at the stroke of midnight of 3rd october, then it was buka puasa the next day with the cast and team at istana budaya, and i got my bezzies who would have been at the cancelled birthday bash to be there with me too. this time it was durian cake...ayo..heaven.. that night after buka, we were treated to a full run thru of the entire show, both act 1 and act 2 - i couldnt have asked for a better birthday gift than to finally see the whole show coming together. i had my posse with me - khai, noren, karl, mal, teong hin. after the run thru, this was already 11.30pm, whilst it was still technically the day of the birthday, the celebration continued at the concorde hotel melting pot! it was quite a big group of us, including pat & ian, zahim, and even siti and datuk k. what a drama. from not even wanting to celebrate to a triple celebration.


Manal said...

Dear kak Tiara,

happy belated bday and here's wishing you all the best for PRamlee the Musical!

I've just managed (phewwwsss) to secure a ticket to watch it on the 28th oct inshallah. A toast for a brilliant masterpiece and almost rightly cast ensemble.

true blue!!! said...

madam..i'm one of ur fanz around da malaysia...
Itz nice to hear tat u now officially a blogger...
one of ma kindly request is please uploads ur pics from the beginning till ur blog...

congrats 4 ur upcoming p.ramlee musical...

October 18, 2007 4:53 AM

aishah said...

wahh u libra juga? best tu! mine was on 10th :)

anyway just wanna say PRM was simply amazing! it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nicely mom said it looks seamless (though ade 1 part, curtain tersangkut kat train - 1st matinee show)...still WE LOVED IT!

just that even though it was sold out, tak ramai pun kat grand circle! they also should provide binoculars coz grand circle tu jauh from stage but good overall view! i wish was near but nonetheless, the seats were great!

sean blown me away! i hope PRM will be our first local production to be staged on broadway + west end! coz it was such to their standards!!!

congrats to you and all the cast, ensemble and everyone! simply an enjoyable show!


adlisyahril said...

hi tiara,
i managed to see the musical last night!
It was fabulous... I was blown away with the whole production of the musical! :)


check out my blog on the musical k :)

DeanSham said...

Dear Tiara,

Thank You for the brilliant show (P. Ramlee the Musical).

Loved the "terompah tap dancing to the tune of kompang kahwin" part. Kudos to Pat.

The production did justice not just to P.Ramlee, but to the venue as well.

Thank You Very Much.

Sheila said...

tiara, help me, i need 2 tickets please... been going all over the place, pls pls pls pls pls :(


nadia said...
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womad said...

Hey there!

Happy Belated Birthday & Minal Aidil Walfaizin!

When's P.Ramlee stepping unto Singapore shores? Jalan Ampas is dead quiet without him. Hope to hear from you soon =)

All ze best for Enfiniti & P.Ramlee
The Musical.

"Hadirlah oh kekanda...Dimanakah kau kekanda?" - pgltm

*cosmic freak* said...

happy belated birthday tiara.

wow, another libran. librans are the best people, don't you think? hehehehe ..... now I know I can achieve more in life with the mark of a successful libran as yourself. double yay!!!!

lovegetsyoucrazy said...

selamat hari jadi kak Tiara!
bless you
and thank you for all your works
they have really uplifted our industry to a new level