Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hearsay...PGLtM versi Inggeris? in today's KOSMO

Sam Kassim alerted me about this article in Kosmo today. My, my how news travels so fast in this city! Anyway, here's the story:

7 Februari 2010


PGLtM versi Inggeris


KALAU sudah namanya Datin Seri Tiara Jaqualine, semua benda yang kecil boleh jadi besar. Semua benda yang orang fikir mustahil, akan berjaya dilakukannya. Itulah dia, Tiara yang memang inovatif dan selalu bersungguh-sungguh dalam setiap perkara yang dilakukannya.

Paling membuka mata banyak pihak adalah saat Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical (PGLTM) dipentaskan tidak lama dulu.

Diva ingat kembara PGLTM sudah berakhir selepas musim tayangannya tamat dan ia sukses luar biasa.

Rupa-rupanya Tiara dan produksi masih belum puas. Ini kerana Diva dengar cerita mereka akan kembali mementaskan PGLTM dalam versi bahasa Inggeris tidak lama lagi.

Khabarnya, seluruh tenaga produksi akan duduk semula untuk membikin skrip dengan bahasa Inggeris yang sesuai serta akan melakukan sekali lagi uji bakat untuk beberapa watak muzikal fenomena ini. Hebat!

Diva jadi tak sabar nak menonton PGLTM versi Inggeris untuk menggali bahasa-bahasa Inggeris yang menarik selain rindu untuk melihat kehebatan muzikal ini semula.


tia said...

mesti seronok...tiara hebat!!

hariznz said...


hariznz said...

ok, yg tadi tu nak testing je, as i dont know how else to contact you.

i know that u must have gotten tonnes of message like this, but i would really appreciate it if u read my journey.

honestly speaking, in 2006 (i was in form 4), when i saw the ad for PGLTM,i asked myself, 'who would go to this show' and 'i haven't even watched the movie, why would i want to go to the musical?' however, when i went to my BM class, the teacher said that he was organising a trip to watch the musical, and since the whole class were going, i joined in.

let me tell you this, i never regretted the choice i made. IT WAS WONDERFUL!! again, i know that u hear this often, but let me tell you this, u really changed my mind about theater.. same goes to my friends.. in our school, we did tonnes of stage performances (dance, singing, orchestra, drama) almost every month, there will be an inter house competition. before going to PGLTM, i thought that i like stage performances, but i was wrong, i love it. when i saw the add for PGLTM 3, i went to watch it with my other friends who didnt watch it for the first 2 times.

my true objective of writing this (mail) to you is to ask you, if possible inspire you the way you inspire us, to make more productions such as PGLTM. please make more.. make them magical, and as wonderful as PGLTM, with the music arrangement, costumes, props, etc... i am now studying in manchester and still listen to the soundtrack of PGLTM3 often.. and my humble request is that you make the production, in such a way that it is possible for me to watch it..(^^) if possible, around July and August and early September. Moreover, i would like you to inspire the rest of younger generation as well. please tiara...

thank you for your time..