Saturday, 18 July 2009

Tiara's collaboration with Mont Blanc and UNICEF for their "Signature For Good" campaign

Long time no see...

I've been stressing over a painting I promised Mont Blanc in aid of their UNICEF "Signature For Good" campaign, in between planning Enfiniti's next 2 years' campaign. Finally finished my piece, what do you guys think?

1. Rationale behind the artwork:

Looking for some form of inspiration to get started on my piece, I turned to Google and typed in "the need for education for children" and these words jumped out at me:

"If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."

What a wonderful concept, I thought! I asked my 12-year old daughter what she thought of it, and she said, "Yeah mum, it's like if you tell the kid the answer to a question, he will only know the answer to that question, but if you educate him and he can think for himself, he will have the answers for everything all his life!" That floored me, and when I finally recovered, I took out that huge piece of canvas I'd been staring blankly at for more than a month and started work.

2. A quote on my participation on this project to include in the press release.

I have always believed that Art, Creativity and the Performing Arts should be given much more prominence in and out of the school syllabus.
Studies have proven that exposure to the arts help students build self-confidence, express their creativity, and perform much better in math and reading. Fine arts training can help children develop emotional and moral sensibilities and the discipline that goes with mastering a craft.
In fact, I myself am living proof that art improves math, going by my own SPM results!

When Mont Blanc approached me to participate in this project, it seemed a perfect fit for everything I support and believe in. Children and the right to quality education have always been a favorite cause of mine, and I've always loved painting but never got round to ever really finishing a piece! This will be my fourth collaboration with Mont Blanc, a brand that strongly supports art and culture, two causes very close to my heart. This will also be my second collaboration in
support of Montblanc’s and UNICEF’s fight against illiteracy, the first being the "Power To Write" campaign when Mont Blanc put my signature on a limited edition pen. I hope that my participation in this "Signature For Good" campaign will add to Mont Blanc and UNICEF's efforts, towards empowering future generations to break out of the poverty trap.
Every bit helps bring us all a step closer towards realizing the dream of better education for the children,as I continue to sing a song of hope for a more promising world of tomorrow.


Ida said...

Beautiful painting Tiara! Love the inspiration & what a great way to capture it too. Am so glad we're constantly giving voice to the importance & need of increasing literacy, in various different ways. Forgive my ignorance, but how would public get more involved in this cause by MontBlanc?

imasaliza said...

wow!!! u can paint too?? superb!!! :)

.ib. said...

wow daten!

u painted tht???
its really cool...
wat a masterpiece... great art!
it reminds me of my hometown, kampung selamat, a kampung nelayan sumwhere in kuantan....


p/s: nak blk kmpg!!!

ms hart said...

Aaah..the kids are fishing! Now having a second look at your painting on a proper pc, barulah nampak the details!;-)

Inspiring, as always. Gonna get my little aspiring artist read and see your masterpeace!

May God bless you, dear!

p/s yeah, just like Ida, I too want to find out more on this project!

melissa said...

Didnt know yo paint too.Really impressed.You are a real artiste!Salute.

RH said...

That's a brilliant piece, Tiara. Congrats on your project. As a mum and teacher, I too believe in the importance of education.