Wednesday, 22 July 2009

change a child's life - give him an education...

I'm so relieved the press conference for Mont Blanc/Unicef charity which put up 5 paintings by 4 other ladies and myself went well. I shall so miss the piece that has been occupying a prime spot in my living room overlooking Sentul Park for the last week or so. I wonder if all first-time artists feel as emotionally attached to their first pieces?

When Mont Blanc approached me to participate in this project, it seemed a perfect fit for everything I support and believe in which includes child welfare and the right to quality education for all.

I cannot imagine that in spite of all our economic progress and being surrounded by every form of modernization, there are still maybe 10 percent of the children of our own country who may never know the beauty and the inspiration of the words of Shakespeare, Hafiz, Pablo Neruda, A.Samad Said or Maya Angelou.

Every child deserves the basic right to knowledge, the one thing that can change a person’s life, empower him or her to make the most informed choices, be more aware of basic human rights, be exposed to the teachings of the greatest minds, the most inspiring scriptures and holy books.

I am very proud to be a small part of Mont Blanc and Unicef’s efforts to continue the fight against illiteracy. As Confucius once said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For those of us who are able to read the words on this page, know that with every bit of help no matter how little, you can change a child’s life forever.


Si Pekik A.K.A Si Pekak said...

Artistic Literacy, whats up?

Eztismail said...

hi Datin Seri,

I like and adore u..ur thinking and ur style..

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