Friday, 12 December 2008

PGLM rehearsals have begun!

It's begun again... the excitement of putting on another show. The butterflies that come with the thought of people queuing for tickets since 1st October. The enthusiasm of the brand-new ensemble who have come together for the first time and joined our first day of rehearsals at Ten On Ten Studio at Ampang Point. Steve's and my butterflies trying to see how far we still have our dialogues memorized, and if we can still pull off all the songs from the show. Zahim, Malek, Pat ready to rock 'n roll with the new ideas they want to try out for season 3. Jason Voo has just walked in and wants to try out some new music arrangements. Adlin is relieved to "just" act and not have to worry about directing this season. Roslan Aziz is fired up and can't wait to tell us what magic he wants to add to the music.

It's showtime!

We kicked off our first day of getting together on 1st December, by observing 5 minutes of silence and a group prayer to ask for the Almighty's blessings so that the rehearsals will run smoothly and that we will, as a team, keep the team spirit up and bond as one through what will surely be a trying 3 months, as we try to put on the best season of PGL the Musical ever.

Then we sat in a circle and introduced ourselves. The ensemble are mostly completely new faces this time around, which brings a beautiful new energy and enthusiasm to the show. I always believe in new blood, fresh water, cos stagnant energy saps the magic out of a group that's been together for too long.

We read the whole script again, and Steve, Ida, Adlin and I are re-discovering some things we never saw 2 years ago. For this reason, it's a blessing to re-visit something and to approach it as though it were a fresh project. I guess we've come a long way in the last two years, after staging 2 seasons of P.Ramlee in KL and 1 season in Singapore, and some of us have travelled and watched many shows abroad, we've also grown and matured individually, learnt a lot more from life's many rich experiences in the last 2 years, so we're looking at things from different perspectives and different things are "landing" on us this time around. Also, after attending the StarMaker Bootcamp by Steve and Matt, we're much more aware about "keeping it real" and finding the truth in our acting. It's extremely exciting, to say the least. That's what's wonderful about theatre, it can only get better and better each time.


ms hart said...

Aaahh...'The Making Of...' as adventurous as ever! It's always a pleasure to read about the behind the scenes happenings, you know. My heart blooms with pride every time I read about that intelligence, creativity, hardwork and most of all, great passion and teamwork put together! Please keep us updated from time to time, ok? (((Hugs)))

aishah said...

great to hear updates on the musical. already got my tix for 8th feb's gonna be awesome! i can feel it in my bones! heheh...

rosesNtheboyz said...

ggod luck with the show again!

i've heard aot about the movie but never had the chance or the time tow atch though... anyway... i like the song... and the dance move in the clip was good.

take care

TravelBreeze Dot Com said...

good to hear bout diz..

gud luck tiara..wish u all the best.

wahdi said...

i just can't wait for the show!