Friday, 12 December 2008

Maria Island, Spiky Beach and Dove Lake, TAS

I can barely contain my frustration this morning. My beloved trusty MacBook crashed on me, with all my photos of my Tasmania trip in it! Thank heavens i uploaded my favorites on my blog, or I'd have nothing to remember Tassie by, imagine!

Fortunately too, I was inefficient enough to have not downloaded my last batch of photos of breathtaking Maria Island and her awesome painted cliffs, and ! random photo of Spiky Beach and The Hazards across the water from it, with the evening's last light on the rocks at Spiky. Another favorite series of photos of mine which were probably my best ever of the Tassie series, unfortunately got wiped out in my MacBook. I thought i'd rip off one of Effendi's photos for the memory of beautiful Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain just to remind myself to BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP from now onwards... :-(

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ms hart said...

Owwwhhhh....sayangnya.....they are soooo lovely! But as you've said it, lucky you've blogged them. Better a few than nothing, kan?

p/s ya, I suppose almost everyone has learned it the hard way - yes, yes, yes...back up, back up, back up!!! hehe