Thursday, 25 September 2008

PGL the Musical returns next Feb!

– pinch me, I must be dreaming... YES, IT'S OFFICIAL!

PGL was originally written as a movie, but I always envisioned it as a musical. I’ve always been a huge fan of musicals and have always dreamed of the day Malaysia would have a Miss Saigon, Wicked or Phantom of the Opera of our own.

The film had seen enormous success beyond our expectations when it became Malaysia’s first entry to be considered for an Academy Award and Malaysia’s first film to be screened at the Venice Film Festival. PGL the Movie has now been screened in more than 20 countries worldwide. However, a brief meeting with Singapore’s own Andrew Lloyd Webber, Dick Lee, convinced me that creating PGL as a musical would give this story its richest fulfillment. This begun our wonderful journey into the magical world of musicals.

Through Dick’s captivating score, Roslan Aziz’s mind-blowing musical direction, Adlin Aman Ramlie’s moving and poetic lyrics and script, and the imaginative and innovative directing, staging, design and choreography by the creative team comprising of co-directors Adlin Aman Ramlie and Zahim Albakri, Set Designer Raja Malek and choreographer Pat Ibrahim, PGL The Musical transports its audience into a magical world that transcends time, uniquely reinventing the world of majestic kings, gallant warriors and a mythical princess who followed her heart.

Beyond the enchantment of watching well-loved characters such as Puteri and Hang Tuah tell the story of their love, longing and pain through powerful ballads, and watching the Sultan of Malacca sing and dance along with the rest of his kingdom, the story of PGL explores ideas and themes of loyalty, destiny and following one’s heart which resonate through time.

Every time I watch a video recording of the show, I am struck by the enormity of the production, and still cannot believe that we managed to put on this show!

I am continually amazed by the vision, talent and tenacity of our team of over 100 dedicated and gifted cast, technical and stage crew, management team and creative team – the success of PGL The Musical is the fruition of the collective hard work and commitment of all these people onstage as well as backstage.

However, as I wear two hats on this production, I must say that nothing in the whole wide world can compare to the experience of the audience’s appreciative response to PGL the Musical, from where I am onstage as well as after the show, night after night. The standing ovations and thunderous applause and the rock-concert style enthusiasm during every performance and the love and appreciation from the fans who have watched the show over and over again, have made this whole adventure so worth the effort, and has been our greatest encouragement to want to do better and better and to give more, every time.

We are humbled and grateful to be recognized for our work by receiving 8 awards at the 2007 Boh Cameronian Arts Awards for Best Director, Best Original Script, Best Lighting design, Best Set Design, Best Costumes, Best Music, Best Supporting Actor, and the coveted Audience’s Choice Awards. Isn’t it wonderful that you can follow your dream and be recognized for it too? Someone pinch me, because I must be dreaming!


ms hart said...

Yayyyyyy!!!! That's a birthday pressie alright for someone!! heh heh Yabededoo!!

p/s So my daughter's dream come true?! Remember, she actually expected 'PGL no. 3' - unquote - the very moment she left IB for the 2nd season?!

Shahrul Hafiz Teh said...

That's great so now you had make us wait impatiently for February 2009

Becky Ng said...

that's great!!! I'll be waitihg for it...

Empress said...

I wanna be in it again ... can I? can I?

- Callista

Azli Raja said...

seronoknya.... sebelum ni tak pernah tengok... I won't miss it this time.

p/s: all is fine since I left 10 on 10. I am writing a new novel now... check it out on my blog, it's about kaum Kelabit in north Sarawak.

Shaiful said...

Glad to hear that Tiara ... Ooh, I've been yearning to see PGL on stage but been so busy since time could tell hahaha ... anyway, will look forward to that.

In the meantime, do drop by my blog k :D

Shaiful said...

Hi Tiara,

Thanks for dropping by my blog and I'm glad you like it ... :D

Hmm, Herve Leger bandage dress for your next project's inspiration would be good ... I can imagine Gusti Putri wearing bandage dress doing her classic Javanese dance moves ... that's rock!!!

Anyway, thanks again for dropping by and hope you'll enjoy your life in Tasmania.


miezi said...

OMG!!!! Been waiting like forever. This would be my 3rd time watching PGL, and of course I cant wait

FaFa[JOY] said...

Firstly,happy birthday Tiara Jacquelina!!^_^
Im Joy,ur BIGgest fan from spore!
my heart almost stopped beating when i read dat PGL the Musical is returning.
but at the same time,im sad coz its not gonna be in spore.
by any chances,are u gonna have it in spore???
pretty please...
love u Tiara!
u can drop by at my blog.

NaNa XD said...

Hi Tiara..
it's great to know that PGLM is returning to IB!! I just can't wait!! anyway, will u be in all the shows, particularly on the 6th and 13th, and i might get my tickets on those dates, and am dying to see u on stage!!!

tiara jacquelina said...

dear ms hart,
let me know when your princess is coming to the show k, i will look out for her..

dear shahrul,
i promise you it will be worth the wait ;-)

dear becky,
i know how much you seem to enjoy films and musicals.. hope you will enjoy the 3rd season with the enhancements we are adding to the show!

empress darling,
Pat is hoping to change 50% of the ensemble this season, for some new energy.

if you miss it this time there might never be another time cos (hint-hint) this might be my last fling as PGL.. ;-)

watch this blog, you might see a herve ledang outfit sometime..

i'm very honored and flattered.. hope the 3rd time will be more exciting than the first 2.

what can i say, i don't deserve such honor in your blog! thanks so much, i don't think any of my other fans have ever done something like that for me. glad we met at the esplanade, all the best and take care.

nana xd
yes i will be in every single one of the shows, God willing of course. we haven't planned for any understudy performance at all this season. see you on the 6th or 13th then.. 13th will be fun, valentines eve, hee hee..

*thanks again for dropping in, everyone, keep watching this space for blog updates! tiara j.

NaNa XD said...

Hi Tiara,
I've got me and my sisters the gold class ticket on the 13th.. as u said, valentine's eve would be interesting, and romantic.. heheh...

i really hope i'll be standing a chance to see you!!! i was there during the 1st season, and i still have the picture of you then!!!!! hope to see you soon... oh please make February come fast!! i'm so excited!!

anyway, do u have any plans in bringing this performance to London or somewhere in Europe? my friend is dying to watch it, but what to do, he's in UK studying... =(

azuanomar said...

hye kak tiara..
klu ada peluang tuk org baru berlakon,sy nk join team akak

adik aliaa said...

aunty mesti pnt kan?PGL tu kwn saya kata best tapi saya x tengok pun...saya ingat nk beli cd tapi cari2 tak de pun...aunty leh kuarkan x cd PGL?