Wednesday, 24 September 2008

back in Tassie after a crazy 9 day trip home!

I'm back!

Made a quick trip back to KL for a 9 days and now am back in beautiful Tassie again. The weather is a lot milder now that the beautiful spring flowers are out and we've bade farewell to the winter. Why does it feel so good to be back here? Gee.. i hope i don't get so attached i can't tear myself away.

The trip home was a whole 9 days of madness as i tried to squeeze in a myriad things like meetings, photo shoots, interviews, pre-production discussions with the PGLM creative team AND doing the mommy thing. Am glad i got to set Mila and Dani up in their new school year, got to do mommy duty and got their after school activities sorted out, met their new teachers etc. Boudeng, Nora and Eja kept me occupied all day every other day with meetings after meetings. Had a very good creative direction meeting with zahim, malek and pat about the changes and enhancements we are trying to go for in PGLM3, then Eja went to town arranging a thousand interview and photo shoots for her to use whilst i'm away in Tassie. Chris A managed to get so many wonderful(can i say that of my own photos? ha ha) shots in a whole day of shoots that went on til 2am! In between, stuffed my face every other day at Buka Puasa at Borneo Rainforest. (oooh the very mention of the name makes me long for char kueh teow and my chilli crabs!). Caught up with my girlfriends Noren, Mal, Ida and Sylvia. Threw a poolside birthday bash for Mila. Attended parent-teacher evening at Alice Smith school for Dani's class. Managed to have dinner twice with my mum, sister Carol and her cutie pie daughter Erin. Thank goodness we live in the same apartment block or that might have been impossible too. So it's been a full on 9 days, KL style.

Meanwhile it's been really a messy situation with politics, Anwar Ibrahim, people being thrown in and out of detention under the ISA, people not knowing if they're coming or going anymore, and i cried a little for my beloved country in turmoil.

Now i know why it feels good to be back here in Hobart.

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