Wednesday, 21 May 2008

we ROCKED singapura!!!!!!

i'm still on cloud 9... so so proud of the team for putting on a FANTASTIC show at the esplanade in benson puah, the ceo of the esplanade, was full of praise for the whole cast. he said that what makes all enfiniti's productions a head above all the rest, is because we have a talented teal of not only great lead and supporting actors, but a FANTASTIC and most talented ensemble, which bring EVERY SINGLE secene alive. kudos, team!

i must say that the one guy who deserves top kudos is our man MUSLY RAMLEE! he just floored everyone with a powerful and life-like portrayal of the legend himself - respect, brother! you made me cry, laugh, grieve for P Ramlee, and you have all my respect for doing what you did in only 6 weeks! i had to keep pinching myself to remind myself that i was only e=watching musly and not p.Ramlee himself, onstage - he was THAT convincing.

liza hanim is the other actor who deserves a big round of applause again and again.. how can anyone be so flawless in their performance, night after night, i keep asking myself. she was so delightful as saloma, i could tell all the men in the audience had their tongues hanging out, practically, whenever she came on stage. well done liza..

the singapore audience deserve a round of applause themselves for their support, thanks guys for always being there for me. next round, PGL again, maybe, ha ha...

here are some of the scenes that you should be looking out for when we ROCK THE HELL OUT OF ISTANA BUDAYA come may 28th... see you there!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Tiara,

Thank you. For bringing P Ramlee the musical to Singapore. As a fan of Allahyarham, I'm sure i speak for everyone when i say this musical is long way overdue.

Thank you. I wouldn't mind even if the show had gone for 5 hours because no amount of time could have done justice to the life of Allahyarham P Ramlee. Nevertheless, your musical is an outstanding achievement in 2.5hours !

Thank you. Please, please send my thanks to all the actors / actresses / stagehands / propmakers / all others staff. The acting, the music, the storyline, the props, everything was EXCEPTIONAL !

Thank you. Finally, a musical for the legend himself. But sadly, the recognition for Allahyarham has been slow. How about taking it to the next level, on Broadway perhaps ? That would be fitting of a Legend.

PS : Just a note. Although this is entirely out of your scope, i'd like to highlight the ending part of the musical. After the stars have all gathered on stage and they started singing Hore Hore, the curtains came down within seconds of the song. This was in contrast to KL where this went on for over a minute. It would have been sweet if the performance didn't end abruptly when we get to connect with the stars at then end.

Becky Ng said...

Hi missed the 1st running of P. Ramlee the musical in IB. Promise to work hard enough to watch the 2nd.

Becky Ng said...

Sorry din make it for p. Ramlee the musical season 1 in IB and in S'pore but i promise to see the 2nd season at IB. Good Luck! Anyway, still thanks for autographing my book.......

chocyGurlz said...

Great Show! We came in a gang of 5 to the Esplanade and all 5 of us enjoyed the show tremendously. We hope you bring PGL back to Singapore as most of us missed it when it was shown. All the best for future productions. Great choice of cast for Musly, Liza and Emelda. Well done! Till today, days after the performance, the songs especially Getaran Jiwa and Azizah is constantly replaying in my head. :) Love the props too. Great intricate details. Kudos to the entire team for a fantastic performance.

ms hart said...

Yaaa, see YOU at IB....*wink wink


A superb performance! A great show. Musly was absolutely wonderful and so was Liza Hanim! I was so happy to be there...and am still looking forward for my 3rd chance on PGLM!

Joy said...

I agree with the previous comments posted.
PGL,bring it on back!!!
Im a great fan of the movie itself.
Above all,im a big fan of yours.
Hope PGL woll be staged,perhaps with sifu M.Nasir as Hang Tuah?
I cant imagine how speactacular it would be!!

Tempe said...


Power giler lar!!
Was sad didn't get to see you at the reception after the show though. Would have loved to give you a personal congrats and maybe a pat on the back.