Saturday, 19 April 2008

Interview with The Peak magazine

Why did P Ramlee inspire you so greatly?

He was one of those people whose true greatness was not recognized in its own time, much like the story of Mozart or Picasso.

What's inspirational for me is when people successfully use their talent to impact and affect others too. In the case of Malaysia and Singapore, he was a big part of the success of the film and music industry back then, and he inspired many others who wanted to be as great as him, as multi-talented as him - He was an outstanding talent, an artistic genius, the most successful multi-talented actor, director, writer, singer, entertainer we have seen in our days and i am most inspired to at least try and be as good as he was. He emerged from a very humble background and overcame the many life hurdles (and there were plenty, both professionally as well as personally) to become the name every Malaysian and Singaporean regardless of color, creed and political leaning agree upon when you ask them about their favorite actor/singer of all time.

- What life lessons do you think we can learn from him?

P.Ramlee dared to be different, he believed in his dreams, and he followed his own star.

- And what's next for you, artistically, after the Singapore run ends?

I want to make more films. Doing a stage musical takes more than a year of my life to complete every time, and i must admit that after making Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical i have been bitten by the stage bug and couldn't wait to produce more, but this year i hope to be able to also go back to making movies, which i think i really have a knack for. I want to produce a body of work that will be remembered long after i leave this world, just like P.Ramlee.

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