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Supporting Bulgari's Save The Children Initiative

People, my blog is active again after being format for several years! This piece by Calvin Chong of The Malaysian Tatler on my recent collaboration with Bulgari marks my return to the blogosphere :D

Bulgari's new ceramic silver pendant for Save The Children
In commemoration of its 130th anniversary, Bulgari has launched a new ceramic silver pendant to boost its support for the Save The Children initiative.
By Calvin Chong
May 19, 2014

On mark with its 130th anniversary and to boost its support for the Save The Children initiative, Bulgari has added a new ceramic silver pendant to its jewellery collection in hope of generating an additional €1 million (RM 4.5 million) to save children lives.
For year 2014, Bulgari launches the new ceramic silver pendant to help with a new cause within the Save The Children initiative, where Bulgari aims to save 50,000 newborn children and their mothers through life-saving healthcare services.
With the new goal set in motion, a legion of celebrities has joined the cause including Naomi Watts, Meg Ryan, Tom Welling and Dita Von Teese.
In the recent Malaysia launch event, famed local personalities had also lent their hands to support the charity including Datin Sri Tiara Jacquelina and Debbie Goh.

As Malaysians, we are lucky to have much support in healthcare for both women and children compared to other less fortunate countries. In the recent Save The Children’s 2014 Mother’s Index, Malaysia was ranked 68th out of 178 countries globally – a great effort in comparison to our regional neighbours like Thailand (72th) and Indonesia (113th).
Lynette Lim, spokesperson for Save The Children says, “Worldwide, women and children are often much more likely than men to die in a disaster, whether man-made or natural",
She continues, "And each year, thousands more mothers and children die in conflict-settings than fighters do in battle. It is vital that access to healthcare services are increased and improved in places where state capacity is weak and conflict and insecurity are widespread. Every child has the right to survive, no matter where they are born.”

This initiative started in year 2009 when Bulgari decided to take action on behalf of disadvantaged children around the world, as too many children were unable to attain to attain their own aspirations due to difficult circumstances.
Inspired by the iconic B.Zero1 jewellery line, the special collection started with just one ring design in 2010 and to date, Bulgari has generated over €20 million (RM 90 million) in donations for Save The Children through the sales of the ring.
While the main project financed by Bulgari supports Save The Children in providing child’s education, the additional proceeds of the new pendant will be used to support children and mother’s health issues in poor, conflict-affected countries and in emergency situations across 23 countries in four continents.
With the mission at hand, Bulgari continues to strive to give hope and life to the individuals around the world for a better and brighter future.
The Bulgari Save The Children ring and pendant are available in all Bulgari boutiques around the globe at the price of €420 (RM 1,700). For more information, please contact your nearest Bulgari boutique or visit the Bulgari website.

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