Thursday, 8 March 2012

My son Dani has on quite a few occasions surprised me with some of his thought pieces or writing for school projects, and I like any proud mum, can't help thinking how his thought process is so mature for a kid his age. This following piece was something Dani wrote last week for a school project, following the theme of "Life After Death".

The emptiness
As I roam freely,
I feel the emptiness.
As I run into the harsh wind,
I feel no resistance.

Only now I know what it feels like,
To walk through walls.
Only now I feel the curse,
The curse of infinite loneliness,

I sometimes look back,
Scavenging for memories I now dearly miss.
Memories, like the warmth of the sun beaming against my face,
To be with the ones I now miss the most.

Only now do I know how precious emotions are,
Happiness, sadness, relief, even pain.
I’d give anything,
To feel them once again.

I’d rather hurt, than feel empty.
I’d stab myself, just to feel normal, once again.
I’d rather jump off a cliff, to feel gravity.
I’d give my life, to break the curse.
The curse, of life after death.

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