Sunday, 5 December 2010

Do you have to die before you are recognised?

The late Yasmin Ahmad made history for Malaysia as she was posthumously awarded Best Director at last night's Asia Pacific film festival in Taipei for the film Muallaf. Way to go, sistah, you showed 'em.

Sheila Majid said in a recent "10 Questions" interview with The Star, do we have to wait til we die, in order for our country to recognise us?

When you come to think of it.. Bila kita dah tak ada,sibuklah nak bagi title itu ini,tribute lah,documentary lah,award lah. Happened during P. Ramlee's time and sadly is still happening today.

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Hi Tiara,

I am Aishah from Bangkok. I really like this post. YES! u r right! this still happening...

Oh btw i saw ur post about trying new recipies from Nigella Lawson.

The KITCHEN book amazing. Not sure if you have that. But if not, i think you should get it.

If your family are into italian food, i think you should try Marcella Hazan (Essentials of classic italian cooking)

Wishing you and Family Happy New Year!!