Monday, 25 February 2008

borneo rainforest grand launch party-20 feb 08

its been awhile.. so swamped at work since returning from holidays, i almost forgot how to log into my own blogger account. what with the drama of the elections and who's in who's out,
my dear husband's birthday wish to not continue as a cabinet member, it's been more than eventful. still, i always make time for a little happy and a li'l party, so am gonna include a few links to a few websites that have great photos of the fab launch party we had last week to celebrate the launch of the borneo rainforest bistro and the ruai bar. check 'em out.. (many thanks, coolcat and roslen for the cool writeups! x),-The-Cafe,-The-Bistro-and-The-Ruai-Sunway.html

will get round to posting more pix by our official cammie too, pretty soon..fingers crossed...ha ha

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coolcat said...

Hi Tiara,

Ariel Coolcat here. Let me know how I can be in touch with you via your email address. Got something to ask :)