Tuesday, 25 December 2007

its nicer in Nice!


am on holiday with the family in Nice,in the south of France.. am reminded of that song from The Boyfriend, Its Nicer in Nice. it really is beautiful here and its been wonderful spending xmas with the family here.. jennifer and her husband emmanuelle are with us, they have a little one on the way and everyone is excited.

carol and jenn made us a great xmas dinner and i decorated the tree and made the egg nog.

i'm reminded about why our family is special; we find every reason to celebrate every season of the year - xmas, chinese new year, hari raya, even deepavalli whenever kuna's mum is with us. thats what i wd call being true-blue malaysian. i hope mila and dani continue these traditions when they grow up, always respectful and tolerant of the different races and religions that make our malaysia a special place to live in, and never forgetting the wonderful mixed heritage that make them the new breed of malaysians that will rule the world!

merry xmas and have a wonderful time everyone!

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ms hart said...

Thanx Tiara, for sharing this with us. How true about being the true-blue Malaysian! In fact recently when I attended an Indian wedding, despite being in a very happy and loud crowd, in my heart, I actually felt like crying because I was so touched with the fact that we were such an appreciative and respectful multi-racial people here and I just don't understand why some of us just don't see beyond all these. It's sad, really. But I suppose having moms like you (and me..he he he) would give some hope to our future generation, huh? Happy New Year to you and family too!