Saturday, 29 September 2007

i'm now officially a blogger!

wooooo hooooo!!!! can't believe i finally got around to doing this. been suuuuuch a long time comin'. tks chedd for telling me to just get it out there and get going.

it's 2 weeks to showtime for all of us at p.ramlee the musical and every night when i return from watching rehearsals, i wish i had a blog to gush my thoughts and feelings on to. its just such an overwhelming experience being in rehearsals all over again, and putting on a show from scratch all over again. its such a different experience for me this time around as i'm not behind the wheel or being driven for a change. i find myself watching the race on a closed circuit tv monitor and occasionally when i really really cant help it, i get into the pit with zahim,pat and adlin.

the pit, or the arena,is really where the fun is. thats where you feel the energy of the ensemble in your face,where you see the sweat dripping off their foreheads, where the sweet scent of 2pm - 12pm rehearsals drift through the air at the ballet studio at istana budaya. where actors pay their dues,clocking in their flying hours in order to deserve the thundering applause we ALL work towards on opening night.

tonight, 44 members of the ensemble were there in the arena, taking in choreography, working on changes after notes from za and adlin, giving their all for the big scene at the end of act 2 which shows the political chaos at the time of the malaysia-singapore split, and the crumble of malay film productions,and basically the crumble of the malay film empire. it was high on adrenaline all the way, and one of the most trying bits of choregraphy. tbc....


itz a time for enjoy!! said...
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Antares said...

How did I get started blogging? Reading Patrick Teoh's Tokkok blog one evening, my cursor accidentally landed on the Blogger logo. I clicked to see what would happen... and found myself registering the Magick River blog! That was December 1st 2006... and since that night I haven't gone to bed before 4AM! Be warned, my dear.... verrry addictive!!! In fact I just started another blog to put my first book Adoi! online :-)... Anyway, Tiara, Bouquets & Blessings on this new venture which - like all your ventures - will undoubtedly be overwhelmingly successful. Your star of destiny is definitely high above the horizon :-)